Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Healing
ThetaHealing is great on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Activating your DNA
helps open you to a greater degree of health and intuitive ability.  Soul Mate Manifesting has helped
many find the relationship they are seeking.  Rainbow Children's Downloads help all to shift to a
more positive way of thinking and acting.

Experiencing Unconditional Love for the first time can be healing in and of itself.
Benefits you can Experience
Christine Sonnen is a ThetaHealing® Master, Certified
® Practitioner and ThetaHealing® Teacher.

Certified ThetaHealing
® classes available through Christine are:
   Basic DNA
   Advanced DNA
   Manifesting & Abundance
   Intuitive Anatomy

uses thought and prayer and our natural intuitive abilities,
along with the Unconditional Love of the Source of All That Is.  You can
use this process to help your self, friends and family members heal
spontaneously from physical and emotional issues.

ThetaHealing® is best known for Belief and Feeling Work on all four
levels:  Core, Gene, History, and Soul.  It is also known for the 7 Planes of
Existence concept to help us connect to the highest plane of Unconditional
Love and the Energy of All That Is for the reading and healing work.

ThetaHealing® uses the Theta brain wave which it thought to help us
achieve an instant healing.  We act as observer of the work being done by
the Source of All That Is when we are in that Theta brain wave.

DNA Activation to wake up your DNA to our highest
potential, help us survive toxins in our environment, accelerates our
psychic ability and attracts the positive into your life.

Learn how to enhance your ability to
Manifest, Create Abundance, Attract
Soul Mate, and much more.

Experience:   Clearing Genetic Programs of Aging - Fountain of Youth
                   Rainbow Children Downloads
                   Energy of the 7th Plane of Existence - Unconditional Love

This work can empower you and give you answers to so much of what we

Allow this technique to help you change your life to what you desire.

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