Crystal Layouts
Duration:  3 hours

The Crystal Layout workshop will show you how you can use crystals to
enhance your meditative state, receive messages and healing.  Laying
crystals around your body keeps you in a deep, relaxing, theta brainwave
state which helps uncover and release the origin of phobias and fears
and the accompanying disfunctional characteristics they foster. Many use
Crystal Layouts to travel into past lives, future lives, or to speak with their
angels, Council of Twelve or Soul Family. Valuable information can be
received more clearly with the help of a crystal layout.  This practice will
teach your body to ease into and stay in a deep Theta wave state which
is essential for mind-body healing and guidance.

Crystals have many amazing properties which have been known for
centuries and recently been scientifically demonstrated.  A crystal grid is
created by forming a network of crystals placed around the body and on
the body’s chakras.  The advantage of using crystals is that they help you
hold this Theta brainwave state for longer periods of time which make it
much easier to gain clarity as well as relax and observe the body-mind.
We are affected by past choices and events that appear in this lifetime as
patterns or incidences that feel impossible to resolve. A Crystal Viewing
Layout can take you back to the very beginning of the pattern and
resolve its echos in your life today.  You may return with the knowledge,
tangible skills and attributes that you acquired in other lives.
All crystals needed for this workshop are provided.

What Students Say About the Crystal Layout Training at Relax4Life:

“I really enjoyed this experience, the interactive portion.  Practicing the
crystal layout brought about some interesting and amazing experiences.  
I would love to dive in deeper, and look forward to working with this on my

“Thought the class and instructor was very unique and pushed me to
open boundaries.  Very informative exercises that we are able to take
from class and into our everyday lives.”

“Great class with an excellent instructor.  I felt strongly that we had clear
goals and were given comprehensive instruction and insight as to how to
reach them!”

“Meditation with crystals felt amazing!  Thank you!”

“Great experience attuning with crystals for deeper meditation.”

“Great class-loved the presentation-Christine is a great teacher and very

“I really enjoy Christine’s teaching style.  She is very knowledgeable and
her pace is gentle and clear.”

“Powerful.  I loved the changing of our roles from participant to receiver to
facilitator.  Allowed me to experience how to help each person unearth

“Knows her material well.  Answered questions with clear responses.”

“Loved it all-would like to see her again!”

“Enjoyed the opportunity.  Great place to further my experience with

“This course was not what I expected but as it turned out, it was what I

“Informative and interesting.”

“I just wanted to keep hearing about all of the topics and to hear more.  
She has such a genuine spirit that the environment felt safe.”