Ingnite Your Light - Try Something New
Release issues to the root, manifesting, the body intuitive, DNA Activation and so
much More

Holographic Memory Resolution:
Body-mind technique allowing expedient access to past traumas

Past/Future Life Regression:
Regress to a time for answers and release of a fear, block or problem

Quantum Healing Hypnosis:
Amazing information and healing from your own Super Consciousness
2019 Workshops & Events
To register:  Call   (847) 732-6943


  • August 16-18:  ThetaHealing Basic  Kildeer, IL  10-5


  • Sept 27:  Crystal Layout Workshop  Barrington, IL 7-10pm

  • Sept 28-29:  ThetaHealing Manifesting & Abundance  Kildeer, IL 10-5

  • Oct 11-13:  ThetaHealing Advanced  Kildeer, IL 10-5

  • Oct 14 - Nov 1:  ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy  Kildeer, Il  9-3

  • Nov 15-17:  ThetaHealing Basic  Kildeer, IL  10-5

  • Nov 22-24:  ThetaHealing Advanced  Kildeer, IL  10-5

  • Dec  7-8:  ThetaHealing Dig Deeper  Kildeer, IL  10-5

  • Dec 13-15:  ThetaHealing Game of Life  Kildeer, IL  10-5
My Approach to Healing
Christine Sonnen  uses various frequencies of energetic healing to help her clients bring more
balance, peace, and happiness to their lives.  Her approach to healing combines energetic
psychology, past life clearing,  energetic healing, and intuitive guidance.  
Mission & Philosophy
My passion is to keep learning and to teach what I know, to keep growing and to help others do the
same.    Let me guide you to find the healing powers within and bring your life back into balance.
"I have worked with Christine on
a number of occasions over the
last 4 years and have attended a
number of her classes and
workshops. The results have been
nothing short of extraordinary!
The classes supported by
telephone sessions have truly
changed my life. I would highly
recommend her-be prepared to be
Sharon Barson
Dear Christine,
I am beginning to be “teacher”
with my husband, Bill.  We are
quietly sitting on the porch swing
on this summer evening.  The
birds are chirping, crickets
cricketing and soft summer
breezes blowing.  This is a great
setting to share THETA with
Bill.  And, he is genuinely
I am so grateful for him and you
for this opportunity.
Thanks so much for sharing your
love and knowledge with me and
Carol and Celeste.  I know your
love of Theta rubbed off on all of
Looking forward to October when
we shall meet again.

Love and Light.