Testimonials from Classes:

"Easy to release/clear deep-seated (rooted) issues.  I can feel an immediate shift & actually feel
physically & mentally lighter."  Deb, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Theta Healing

"Powerful course ...Well organized ... Teacher has integrity and experience and wisdom ... Great
insights."  Eva, Physician

Testimonials from Client Sessions:

"Thank you for being supportive and guiding me and my family.  Our health and our spiritual path
is unfolding with your clearings."  Peg

"Thanks again - it was a great experience - I would say life altering with my (final) success at seeing
things rather than somehow just knowing them and not really trusting them - seeing is believing
sometimes - what I saw and the others confirmed was awesome."  Kathy.

"I probably should have emailed you after our session to let you know that the following day I
woke up feeling a happiness I haven't felt since I don't know when and it was wonderful ...  I felt a
peace, and such a pure happiness for the first time in a long time so I thank you from the bottom of
my heart!."  Kathy

"I am delighted to have met you at the expo on Saturday! I was your 6pm client.  Thanks for the
healing work.  I know that it has started a very powerful shift in me.  I am very interested in your
work and learning more."  Joan

"Thanks so much for all the healing help.  The spot on my arm had faded from Saturday to
Tuesday.  It's almost completely gone now."  Kris

"If I have not shared this before, I want to go on record now to say you are definitely an angel in my
life.  I have been dramatically changed since you have found me and I have found you!  This last
SRT has really made a difference.  I am floating with joy on a daily basis."  Heidi

"Christine, I feel so wonderful.  Thank you so very much.  This work is life changing!!  I'm so
grateful for your work with spirit and how it is touching and empowering my life."  Gloria

"I feel like you've opened a new door.  I woke up and the pain was gone.  Overwhelmed, brings me
to tears.  Moved me to the next level.  Moving me very quickly - very significant for me.  Thank
you for coming into my life.  Barb

"I feel wonderful.  Thank you so very much.  This work is so life changing!!  I'm so greatful for your
work with spirit and how it's touching and empowering my life."  Gloria

"I just wanted to thank you for your healing sessions with Angie.  After working with you and
practicing on her own, she went to the cancer specialist.  Her blood test showed she did not have
cancer.  The specialist said he thought the growth on her ovary was a hard cyst and not a tumor and
that she did not have to have her ovary removed.  She was overjoyed.  She said that she could see a
major change from the first ultrasound and that the growth had changed shape and shrunk in size.
We believe all the healing work paid off.  We are all very happy.  Thanks."   Beverly

Testimonials from Workshops:

"It took me until Monday  night before I realized the impact of this last weekend.  This is the first
time in months that I didn't leave work totally mentally exhausted.  I had energy to exercise and then
accomplish some things at home.  And the next day was even better!  I continue to ask (command) a
productive, stress free day.  I'm looking at problems differently, and just working through them.   
I'm amazed and elated!  I'm continuing to work on myself, and am excited to use the Theta technique
each morning (and any time I get a chance)."  Sheri

"These past two days have brought about amazing changes in my life.  ...and look out as we finally
know how to manifest on a DNA Theta level.  How awesome that our manifestations are now on
that level."  Judy

"I have been experiencing some incredibly wonderful changes in my day to day life since the Theta
workshop.  I could really get used to living this way.  Been kind of nice - knowing who I am,
understanding messages, working with Source is just really been phenomenal.  I like it.  Thank you."  

"Thank you for last Saturday!  You are incredible.  Thank you for the clearing of whatever I had ...  I
was able to see things.  It was the most incredible feeling in the world. ....Are you going to have the
teleconference again for manifesting abundance?  I want to learn to do this so money is not a worry
for me any more.  I can't say thank you enough for your training and help on Saturday.  Thank you
so much!!!  Pam

"Thank you for the wonderful experience that the class (Angel Readings) turned out to be.  I am
amazed at how apparently easily things came through for me."  Andrea

"Thank you for your kindness and generosity.  I cannot express how much I have learned in 3 days
time.  Thank you for coming into my life.  I finally feel as if I have skills to help myself & others."  

"I just have to call and tell you.  My life is so totally different.  It's amazing when issues are gone
and it is fabulous, fantastic, I feel great.  I just want to thank you, because so much of it has to do
with your teaching. "

"Thank you for last Saturday!  You are incredible. .... I can't say enough for your training and help
on Saturday.  Thank you so much."  Pam

"Thank you for the wonderful experience that the class turned out to be.  I am amazed at how
apparently easily things came through for me.  I come from a family that worked hard to distance
itself from anything religious or spiritual and angels were certainly taboo, so coming to this place has
been a long journey for me."  Andrea

"I enjoyed your class and appreciate all the work you put into it.  And - it was fun!"  Martie

"I just wanted to thank yo so much for conducting the class exactly the way you have.  It has helped
me to put things in motion for me both Spiritually and for healing.  I will always look back at this
class as the beginning of my life's journey and I thank you for helping to put it into motion for me."  

"I always believed in angels - you make them real."  Olga

"Hi, my name is Vicki and the Commanding Wealth‚class hit right on the button for me.  I went from
asking them to hold my check for the class till pay day because I didn't have enough to cover it, to
having over $7,000 in the bank by the following weekend and paying ALL my bills with grace and
As soon as Christine set the intention on Thursday for our weekend class, I sent an email to all my
clients and 4 new clients schedule appointments within an hour. Monday after the class I had an
unexpected check in the mail.  Tuesday I was contacted by the healing center where we took the
class, they wanted me to come in for an interview.  I'm now working there 3 days a week and
bringing in lots of new clients for both of us. Friday I got an extra paycheck for something I didn't
know we were being paid for. My residual check for my independent dealership was 5 times it's
usual size. Am I excited about Commanding Wealth‚ and The One command‚ - YES!!!! Would I
recommend it to anyone having financial difficulties - YES!!!! I love this work and use The One
Command on a daily basis."  Vicki

"Thanks for the class.  It was very powerful and very important for me. I appreciate not only the
way you teach, but the kindness, compassion, and consideration that you bring to teaching and the
class.  So I wanted to say thanks for that."  Theresa

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this class (teleclass) and you picking up on my
vibes and helping me. I am looking sooo much forward to working with you in March.  It was
absolutely wonderful.  I really can feel your energy and connect with that and the really special
person that you are and I appreciate that very much."  Sandy

"The two biggest confusions of my life cleared up this morning.  I woke up from a dream with a
booming voice:  "I didn't fail God." and "I was invited here."  I just wanted to thank you for all the
work you've been doing."  Alyssa