Experience a Deeper Past of Yourself
Benefits of regression therapy go much beyond the clearing of an issue or symptom.  The result can
be a healing on all levels - a greater sense of peace.  All aspects of your life can benefit.

When you experience a regression session, you might go into a past life, current life, future life, or
life between lives.  What is brought to you will be perfect for you at the time.  I believe that your
Soul brings you just what you  need for clarity and healing.
Benefits you can Experience
Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression
Experience a Past Life or Future Life Regression.  Start understanding more
about your soul's path, your karma, and why you are experiencing what is
happening in this life time.

Learn more about who your are and where you have come from.

Learn and experience how Past Life Regression can clear issues that may
have had problem releasing for you.  Sometimes we need to understand
why we are experiencing an issue.

Regression benefits can include:
  • Fears and phobias released
  • Unlock energies within
  • Blocks and obstacles removed - improving physical symptoms,
    peace & happiness
  • Revisit loved ones
  • Seeing your symptoms tied to a past life trauma that is still leaving
    an energy imprint
  • Ease tension and stress
  • Increase your immune system
  • Find will power to give up addictive substances
  • Weight control
  • Anxiety and panic attack control

In regression, the person is observing as well as the person being observed.  
"Your conscious mind is always aware of what you are experiencing while
you are hypnotized.  Despite the deep subconscious contact, your mind
can comment, criticize, and censor. . .  Some people in regression watch the
past as if they are observing a movie. . .  In regression, your mind is always
aware and observing.  This is why people who may be deeply hypnotized
and actively involved in a childhood or past life sequence of memories are
able to answer the therapist’s questions, speak their current life language,
know the geographical places they are seeing, and even know the year,
which usually flashes before their inner eyes or just appears in their minds.  
The hypnotized mind, always retaining an awareness and knowledge of the
present, puts the childhood or past life memories into context.  If the year
1900 flashes, and you find yourself building a pyramid in ancient Egypt,
you know that the year is B.C., even if you don’t see those actual letters.”

from Dr Brian Weiss's book  
Through Time Into Healing .

For more information go to:  www.brianweiss.com