Client Sessions
Most client sessions are done over the phone.  Distance sessions are also available where you can
be at work or doing any activity while the session is in progress.  I work with clients within and
outside of the United States.  Skype is available for international and US sessions as well.

Session Rates:
$90 for 45 minute sessions & Reconnective Healing sessions
$120 for 1 hour session
$180 for  1 1/2 hour  sessions
$333 for The Reconnection  for the two required sessions
$400 for Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions (3-4 hours)

Highly Recommended:  Besides working on specific issues I highly recommend booking 2 hour
and a half  sessions to clear your biological line from conception through future death trauma.  
These are at least 12 key developmental traumas that greatly clear many areas of your life.

The Reconnection requires you to have 2 Reconnective Healing sessions first, so you can get
gently used to this new frequency.  The Reconnection itself is done over 2 sessions.  So you will
need to allow four sessions in total for your Reconnection.  The two Reconnection sessions must
be done in person.
Phone Numbers:
Phone: (847) 438-2529
Fax: (847) 438-2567
Contact Christine
Cancellation Policy:
Client Sessions can be scheduled by calling (847) 438-2529.  You will need to reserve your session
with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or PayPal.  

Any requests for rescheduling must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Any cancellations
without notification will be charged half the session charge.

Class deposits are non-refundable though transferable to another class.  Teleconference payments
are non-refundable.